She would often bring in stray kitties and sneak them under her blankets at nap time.  She did not know the difference between wild nor tame as all animals were gentle with her. Her mother was not fond of these wild pals nor shared her daughter's rescue passion despite still providing a home for all the strays she would bring because her daddy did the same.... He still does even though he is in his 80's. This little girl vowed that when she grew up that she would help all the animals in the world be happy, safe, loved, fed and made all better..... This little girl grew up to become the Meow Matriarch.

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Kitty's PURRsuit of Happiness

~ Some of KPOH's Outdoor TNR'ed Feral Community ~ ​(click on photo to enlarge)

Once Upon A Time, there was a little girl who loved animals, especially kitties. Unlike most children, she actually preferred eating vegetables and fussed & cried when she was forced to eat meat. She would rather play with kitties, puppies, and chickens then dolls and barbies. She would take kitties everywhere with her and tried very hard to give them rides on her swing and doll stroller. Much to her dismay, the kitties would jump out and try to run away. She didn't realize that catching them would train her for rescuing on a much larger scale later in life and that she was destined to become a nutritionist & vegan. She felt that it was very wrong to hurt and kill her friends and be forced to eat them. 

KPOH appreciates continued support to help once very neglected kitties & can only do so through donations & adoptions. We do not rescue kitties from Animal Services, therefore none of KPOH kitties come with pledge money, or any funding. In fact, 95% of KPOH's rescues are through our own physical efforts. It is difficult to not have the support that other rescues do, and is mostly the reason why several will only help kitties that are backed with money. That makes KPOH even more determined to help these neglected kitties that most Rescues turn their backs on. There is great pride in sharing how donations are used for utmost best possible care of the kitties.  KPOH also helps SEVERAL independent rescuers and has several wonderful adopters and volunteers from various states & even countries over the years who have visited the KPOH Sanctuary. We provide multiple photos that have not been cropped of our rescue kitties, facility and even present our actual Veterinarian bills when fund raising.  Our goal is to go the distance to make sure our kitties are well taken care of, and why this nonprofit 501(c)3 is the..."Kitty's PURRsuit of Happiness"

The only time a kitty is contained (we use multi-level kitty condos), is when they are first rescued and kept separated until they are tested, vaccinated and of course, spayed & neutered.  Then they are slowly integrated to be in one of the rooms that best fits their temperament and comfort level until some lucky person adopts them into their forever home.  Keeping any animal caged for an extended period of time, not only attributes to muscle atrophy, but it also breaks their spirit. Not to mention, having to be within constant vicinity of the bacteria of the litter box which is often close to the food and water IS NOT HYGIENIC.  Kitties also prefer their water bowls to be a fair distance away from their food bowls.

​KPOH also has many kitties with life long illnesses that require daily medications that have been at KPOH's Sanctuary for many years now. They are safe, cared for & very loved. 

Welcome to Kitty's PURRsuit of Happiness Healing Sanctuary

KPOH is a labor of love featuring a safari animal print themed approx. 1000 sq foot free roaming Kitty Sanctuary. Piece by piece has been added over the years. KPOH also has two other dedicated kitty rooms in which all kitties are allowed to jump, climb, play, drink, chase, rest and of course catnap as they so wish. A separate room is also used for intake, post-op and recovery.

In our largest room featured here, the kitties have a 50" television in which "Kitty TV" plays on a loop during the day and is changed up by either "Kitty Music" or various radio stations. The other kitty rooms have music softly playing. Kitties find this especially relaxing as 95% of our rescues have come from the scariest, loudest streets with noisy life-threatening traffic. All rooms are heated during the winter, and air conditioned in the summer. They all also have windows in which there are trees, bird baths, feeders and dare devil squirrels who like to frolic outdoors for entertainment. All the kitty rooms have stainless steel water fountains to encourage proper hydration. Although we do not free feed nor provide many meals of dry food, it is important that each kitty gets at least 3 oz per day of clean water - which is filtered containing important minerals without the toxins.

Kitty's PURRsuit of Happiness (KPOH) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing kitties from dangerous situations & off the streets. They all receive exceptional veterinary care before they are adopted into loving homes. Kitties are afforded all medical care & medicine if needed, allowed to recover, rehab and recoup in a non-stressful environment. KPOH is a free-roaming sanctuary for Special Need Kitties which depends 100% on donations to help better the lives of neglected, ill, injured, abused starving kitties everywhere possible. KPOH strives to raise the bar as to how rescue, care & nutrition should be. Sadly, throughout the world, only a few small percentage of kitties from the streets are rescued to safety.