Never EVER self medicate your kitty with ANY medication that is intended for human use EVER. This includes pills, tablets, cold remedies, antihistamines, essential oils, laxatives, hydrogen peroxide, TUMS, bleach - ANY common ailment remedy for human use. Even though you have good intentions of helping a sick kitty -- DO NOT SELF TREAT BY USING THE INTERNET AS GUIDANCE as it is not specific to your individual kitty, nor do you KNOW all the factors involved -- Do what you can to get kitty to be properly seen by a Vet. If finances are an issue, please do a search & call around explaining your circumstances & let your Vet know why you feel your kitty is sick. It may be something that they can assist with over the phone. Take a video & send it to their email to get their advice. No one wants to see a kitty suffering & if they cannot help, ask to be referred to someone that can. KEEP TRYING - KITTY NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! 

Kitties can make beds out of most anything, but they prefer round objects to curl up in, hammocks & for their beds to not be on the ground level but preferably as high & hidden as possible. It's their natural wild instinct to be safe as they typically sleep at least 18 hours daily.

Let me see Your Grill!

If you are unwilling to provide safe zones or scratching posts, there are SEVERAL kitties needing homes that have already been declawed. We BEG you to do a search for one that is already declawed to adopt & save another poor soul from this unnecessary violent act. Please do the right thing!

You can’t add immunity to an already immune pet, so don’t keep vaccinating!

Insist on a Vaccine Titer Test

This test will help you and the doctor determine whether your kitty has adequate immunological protection from previous vaccinations. Antibody levels can be measured from a blood draw. The type of titer that best assesses immune system response to vaccines is called the indirect immunofluorescent antibody (IFA) test.

Once your kitten is fully immunized against viruses, she is immune for years, and often for a lifetime. Vaccination against bacterial pathogens creates a memory in your pet’s immune system that helps protect her if and when she’s exposed to dangerous organisms. After your kitty has received all her vaccinations, the antibodies she develops to the viruses she’s been immunized against will actually protect her from the same viruses introduced in future vaccinations. Vaccines can have side effects. So re-vaccinating for the same pathogens year after year is more than just a waste of your money – it also poses ever increasing risks to your pet’s health.

Kitties & Doggies
It is a fact that some kitties are injured or killed by dogs daily. There are some dogs that can never be trained to coexist with a kitty. Even if you feel your dog is "easy going",  canines are primal as a pack member and a kitty can easily become a recipient of attack/kill at any given time - especially if there is play, food aggression or possession situations.  Combining the two requires dedication, training, patience and constant monitoring. Please seek professional dog training advice. Please do not chance the life of a kitty no matter the temperament or size of your dog, or if you do not know your dog's past history or cannot be dedicated to ensure proper controlled supervision.

There is much more to litter than simply providing a kitty material to cover her elimination. Various kinds of bacteria & parasites inhabit soiled litter & intestinal parasites are frequent in kitties. Hookworms, roundworms & the microscopic organism Toxoplasma gondii are some of the most common parasites found. Transmission happens when parasite eggs in your kitty's fur or skin are ingested during her daily grooming routine. Once infected she can pass parasite eggs or organisms through the stool & multiple cat households will be infested. The best defense is to remove soiled litter as often as possible. Paying attention to your kitty's eliminations will alert you to possible health issues.

How to Help Kitties to Get Along

Litter Box ~ You Don't Like to Use An Unflushed Toilet 
~ Neither Does Your Kitty ~

Learn How to Easily Trim Your Kitty's Claws, Why They Scatch & The BEST Scratching Posts!

The TRUTH Behind Amputating ("declawing")  Your Kitty's Toes

​90% of kitties suffer from gingivitis & periodontal disease because of the lack of dental care. Please brush your kitty's teeth and provide a dental treat daily. Here are some of the dental products that KPOH uses & recommends.


Do NOT Over Vaccinate Your Pet ~ Titers Are Important

​How To Take Care of Kitty's Teeth

Playtime is IMPORTANT! How to Train Your Kitty to Let You Sleep

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Kitty's PURRsuit of Happiness

KPOH has had MANY kitties over the years, & can 100% state - (click here) NO DAMAGE HAS RESULTED from claws!  Scratching posts & "safe zone" areas are provided = NO PROBLEMS! Kitties that have their toes amputated are crippled for life & will resort to biting for protection. 80% of declawed kitties spend their lives in great pain without their owners ever knowing.

Ear mites, parasites, fleas, ticks, poisons, diseases, illness and viruses are just a few of many dangers a kitty will encounter outdoors. Others include mean people who will purposely poison, harm or kill, traffic, motor vehicle engines, anti-freeze, being trapped by getting closed in someone's property, predators, dogs, becoming lost...Regard your kitty as if you would a human toddler... it is not a safe world out there & NO -- kitties do not instinctively know how to fend for themselves and be able to hunt for food, as most are taken away from their mommie before she has had the opportunity to teach them all the important kitty life skills.  It's very scary and life threatening for them outdoors. Have you ever watched an episode of "Naked & Afraid"? It's not much different for a kitty except they don't have a partner or can be extracted if they run into life threatening problems. Kitties left outdoors indeed, have a very short life span.

Traditional views that kitties require the freedom to roam outdoors have few pros.  The belief that indoor kitties tend to be lazy & overweight is not true & can be combated with scheduled play times & being fed less dry kitty food.  Outdoor kitty enthusiasts claim kitties love the outdoors, which is often true, especially if not provided with adequate stimulation indoors. However, the dangers outweigh the benefits.  The same owners who promote the outdoors often insist that kitties deserve their freedom.  Such views, however, are outdated and outranked by most animal professionals. The majority of Veterinarians, Humane Society, Animal Protection Societies, & Adoption Agencies believe cats should be indoor only pets.  Dangers to an outdoor kitty far outweigh any benefits and responsible owners are urged to do what is best for the kitty.

Toys with string or removable parts are hazardous as they can be swallowed

& cause extensive internal damage & even death.

The Ultimate Scratching Post & Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge are excellent long lasting scratching recommendations
to help kitty exercise, be happy, and refrains them from having to resort to carpet or furniture. It really is that easy to accommodate their needs!

Unfortunately, there are several other dangers not mentioned here that a kitty may be subjected to or encounter. Please regard them as any other member of your family, safe guard & keep them safe! 

Open Window Safety - Use a heavy screen on windows or keep them closed if you have kitties. During the summer, the number of kitties suffering from “high rise” syndrome, or falling from windows, increases dramatically. Contrary to myth, kitties do not always land on their feet when falling from heights. The most severe injuries occur when they fall from second or third-floor windows.

What you need to know about "Upper Respiratory Disease" 

FLEAS - did you know that flea & tick preventatives shorten your kitty's life span by 25% & that flea collars have caused MANY deaths? Indoor only kitties do not require flea prevention. For outdoor strays, you may wish to provide human grade Diatomaceous EarthPlease do not poison your kitty with unnecessary pesticides & only use seasonally. Fleas are important to prevent & treat as they can lead to several health problems.